DVC Training Day

Community Trauma Conference 2013: Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) and Meeting the Emergent Needs of Families


Topic: Batterer Typology
Morning Keynote Speaker, Lundy Bancroft
Generalization about batterers have to be made with caution. Batterers come from all socioeconomic backgrounds and levels of eduction. They have the full range of personality types, from mild and mousy to loud and aggressive.
– The batterer is controlling
– He is manipulative
– He is entitled
– He is disrespectful

Topic: Police Response to DV: Continuing to Move Forward
Afternoon Keynote Speaker, Bob Passanno, NYS Office for the Prevention of DV
Examine current police response by reviewing key elements from the Family Protection and Domestic Violence Interaction Act (FPDIVA) of 1994, as well as current legistlation and law changes, in order to show a police response to domestic violence that continues to move forward.

AM Session/Intervention Workshops
Hidden Victims: Implications/Interventions for Children Impacted by IPV
Presenters: Kate Dunlavey & Nora Doebrich, Society for the Protection and Care of Children
– Definition of trauma
– Definition of IPV as a subset of trauma
– IPV and the LGBTQ population
Impact of IPV on children:
– Signs of PTSD
– Symptoms
– Brain development
– Emotional/Behaviorial
Confidentiality – How is this applicable when working with children and families?

The Role of Risk Assessment In Domestic Violence Interventions
Presenter: Marc A. Martinez, Ph.D., ABPP Clinical and Forensic Psychology Services, PLLC
Workshop description: click on Risk Assessment PPT

PM Session/Prevention Workshops
How Do I Even Ask? Why it matters to talk about Domestic Violence
Presenter: Pamela Graham, Prevention Education/Training Coordinator ABW
This inter-active session will shed light on how dating and domestic violence even begins. Participants will learn to identify and screen for the different kinds of abuse, what survivors and their children are experiencing, what the warning signs are and what we can do as professionals who work towards best practices in supporting individuals who are at risk of or are victims of dating or domestic violence.

The Cyclical Process of Intimate Partner Violence
Presenter: Justin Russotti,Prevention Education Coordinator for Stand Up Guys & Deliphi
Workshop description: click on Trauma Conference PPT

Engaging Men in IPV Prevention: Masculinity Meets the Modern World
Presenter: Jack Brennick, Co- Founder of Stand Up Guys
This panel discussion will speak out about what masculinity means to them, how that impacts families, and how conflict gets managed. The discussion will include an exploration of the “social construction” of masculinity and will also explore stereotypes, myths, and messages that have been systematically delivered to men either overtly, covertly , or simply through time honored traditions.


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