Domestic violence is a pervasive social problem that impacts thousands of women, men and children each year in Monroe County. Regardless of zip code, income level, race, religion or level of education, anyone can be a victim of domestic violence. The Rochester/Monroe County Domestic Violence Consortium has been a vital force in the community.

The Rochester/Monroe County Domestic Violence Consortium (DVC):

  • Empowers our diverse community partners to serve all individuals in an accessible and culturally competent manner
  • Actively shares our collective expertise and supports our community partners
  • Acts to follow through with commitments and accepts responsibility for our actions
  • Is committed to mutual respect and understanding, focusing on empathetic and compassionate communication
  • Aims to achieve the highest standards and strives to exceed expectations, because we are passionate about what we do!

We welcome your agency’s involvement, input and collaboration. Click here to join the RMC/DVC today!