The Rochester/Monroe County Domestic Violence Consortium is a unified organization leading an inclusive, collaborative community response to domestic violence. The Consortium promotes safety for victims, survivors and their families; ensures offender accountability; and fosters community awareness.
  • Supports community organizations that coordinate efforts to protect, support and heal victims and hold offenders accountability
  • Supports community organizations that respond to the needs of families and children affected by domestic violence
  • Partners with the legal and law enforcement community to protect victims and hold offenders accountable
  • Provides a means for disseminating and sharing information
  • Promotes inter-agency communication, support, and cooperation
  • Improves the quality of domestic violence services by planning, coordinating, and providing training and technical assistance programs
  • Develops “best practice” policies and protocols for Rochester and Monroe County’s integrated response to domestic violence
  • Engages the entire community in efforts to change social norms and attitudes that contribute to domestic violence
  • Collaborates with community domestic violence organizations to educate the community
  • Provides governmental, planning and regulatory bodies with information, advice and proposals on issues relating to domestic violence